ApparatiRisparmioElettricoThe solutions proposed by us to save on electricity are indicated for those companies with high energy consumption, whose production involves mainly inductive loads, such as asynchronous motors, compressors, fans, pumps or maintenance of low temperatures.


Solutions for industries 

These solutions can be implemented in those companies that spend lots of money on electrical energy, typically companies that use drives with electric motors, compressors and pumps. The essential data is that whatever amount is spent to supply a device could enable average returns on investment within 24 months. Foodstuff and logistics companies, cold chains best take advantage of the solutions proposed, as well as all high energy consuming companies. All the possible solutions proposed must be confirmed through testing or electrical check ups, to be carried out before supplying the savings device in the client’s plant or on the production line. Furthermore, the technologies presented can cover savings solutions on individual motors in a company, by optimising their operational costs, reducing production costs and limiting production downtime in the event of faults or maintenance.

Big distribution solutions 

Big distribution can obtain multiple benefits with our solutions in a commercial environment. With our latest and innovative electrical saving devices for fridges and dispensers in a retail point, you can optimise up to 30% on the working cycle of each compressor for a refrigeration counter or dispenser. Faced with small solutions on individual refrigerators, we can also propose the energy saving solution, central to each electrical cabinet, allowing further reductions in electricity consumption.

Where applied

  • Soluzioni per Cabina di distribuzione.
  • Soluzioni per Quadri / Sotto quadri elettrici.
  • Soluzioni per il controllo localizzato sui singoli motori.
  • Soluzioni in ambito refrigerazione e condizionamento.

  Distribution cabin and electric box solutions

They are electrical savings devices suitable for installation with high range power. A single device can manage electrical loads starting from 20 KW up to over 1 MW. In these cases, you can achieve savings of electrical energy consumption up to over 20%, naturally uniform consumption and uniform loading during the production cycle must be guaranteed. They are indicated for companies whose production chain consumes a lot of electrical energy for drives or where low temperature maintenance is required.

 Saving solutions for electrical motor control

The choice of use of these devices is dictated by the need to control every single load, as a single electric motor. These devices mainly work on improving the power factor and on reduction and attenuation of harmonic disturbances inside the electric circuit. Their savings is localised on the motor or on the machinery you want to monitor.

 Innovative solutions in refrigeration and air conditioning environments

To improve the control efficiency of the temperature in refrigerators and dispensers, innovative saving devices were introduced specifically designed to reduce energy consumption in refrigeration, including control conditions of the temperature that imitate the properties of the food. By using revolutionary devices, we can optimise compressor operating cycles in a conditioning system without losing efficiency of the controlled temperature, but minimising start-ups of the compressor in a normal conditioning system.


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